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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Today is our Two Year anniversary. It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun. I really do miss Brad, he is in Newport, RI until the middle of November. I think that a pattern has been started with our Anniversaries because last year Brad was working the night shift so he was not around then either. I do have to say that it is definitely not his fault and if he had a choice he would be here with Ruby and I right now. Thank you Navy for him not being here. So since Brad and I are far away from each other, we sent presents via mail. We have been using the gift lists for anniversary presents so that we don't just have a 'well what do we get this year' type gift. It also adds a little fun creativeness into the gifts. The second year anniversary gifts are Cotton and China. Since we don't need any more China, we decided to do the Cotton gift. I received a vase of Cotton Roses that are so very cute. I sent him some goodies in a care package, chicken fingers from Layne's, one of our favorite eateries in town, and I made him some yummy brownies. He has mentioned that the galley is not the best in the way of good food. Yes, I know that food does not fall into the Cotton category. My gift is for our new house and I have not gotten it yet, but I know exactly what I want to get for us. Since I have not told Brad yet I can not share here either but when I share I will let you know and I will post pictures too. Here are some pictures of Ruby and I with our Roses.

On the house note, all is well we are waiting to see what the seller is going to do on the roof, since it needs to be replaced. That and the bank are the only hold ups right now. I think that we will be closing next week, I hope.

Ruby misses Daddy a lot. I can't imagine what is going on in her little mind with all of the disruption in life right now. Ruby sometimes waits at the door for him to come home. Kyle has been a great uncle to Ruby. He loves to play with her and has actually worn our Power Pet out on many occasions. She loves to give him kisses on his head when he gets home from school and work. Ruby has made friends with the family that lives below us. She has been honored with a portrait that is hanging at Gracie's, the youngest one, school. Gracie has also told Kyle that she knows who he is, he lives upstairs in Ruby's house. I can only imagine what went through his mind when his apartment has now become Ruby's instead of his. Well, since it is Ruby's house, I have made here start paying the bills. I gave here my checkbook and she pranced all around carrying it in her mouth. She even paid Kyle the rent and bills that we owed him. I know that there is going to be some heartache when Ruby moves to her new house and gives Kyle back ownership of his apartment.

That is just a little bit of what is going on here in Texas. I would love to hear from anybody that visits the site. Please sign the guestbook and let us know that you stopped by!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

We have moved from Charleston, South Carolina, to College Station, Texas. Yeah!!! The Navy has sent Brad back to school to finish his degree and become an officer. We have been looking for houses for the past several months. After several trips to the area, we decided to build a house in a new neighborhood designed for students. We are thinking about keeping the property for rental property after we leave Texas, so this was a great place to be building. We also really liked the neighborhood's location because it was close to everything that we needed to get (groceries, WalMart, campus, the mall, etc.). Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and we were not told about the 'Retention Pond' that was put in our backyard by the City of College Station, which the builder knew about. To see pictures of the cement ditch in the yard, click here.

Long story short, we started looking at other options for housing. I am so glad that things worked out this way because we found an absolutely wonderful house. The location is still good but we are looking at only being able to rent to families now, which can be good and bad just like renting to students. I have created a page of pictures so that everyone can see the new house. The pictures were taken when the carpet and tile guy was there, so there are some oddities in the shots. The tile was freshly laid without grout so I will add new pictures as we get them. I will keep things updated as things progress.
New house Pics

Much love - BradandLauren & Ruby
Ruby Pictures